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RSS refers to a family of web feed formats that can be used to publish frequently updated works, such as news items and blog entries. An RSS document, which is often known as a feed, includes a section of text and associated meta-data, such as the date of publishing. RSS feeds are useful as they allow a web master to quickly and automatically publish items of interest on other websites, and to take content from other feeds for local publication.

Our website has a very up-to-date and informative News page that contains information taken from a large number of sources, including locally published content and that obtained from RSS feeds.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Worcestershire is willing to publish RSS feeds on its News page if they are deemed suitable and of interest to Worcestershire Freemasons. RSS feeds produced by Lodges in the Province of Worcestershire are particularly welcome.

In order to display an RSS feed, we require compliance with our RSS Code of Conduct, which is documented below. The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to ensure our News page remains relevant and up-to-date, does not become cluttered with old news items, and is not dominated by a small number of publishers.

Approved RSS feeds are listed on our Links page.

RSS Feed Code of Conduct

If you would like to publish your RSS feed on our News page, you must agree to the following:

  1. The content of your RSS feed and all associated links will be compliant with the Provincial Website Standard, where appropriate. As your RSS feed will be associated with the Provincial Grand Lodge of Worcestershire, particular attention should be given to spelling and grammar.
  2. Ensure the mark-up language of your RSS feed has been validated by a recognised and on-line validation service, such as the W3C RSS Feed Validation Service.
  3. Only the first five items on your RSS feed will be published. Care should therefore be taken to ensure your feed isn't unduly large (i.e. it should not contain more than 20 entries).
  4. Details of events will be removed from your RSS feed within 12 hours of their completion.
  5. News items will be removed from your RSS feed within 28 days of publishing.

Should a web master or publisher with to deviate from the Code of Conduct on his own website, it is recommended a second RSS feed be created and used to share information with the Provincial Grand Lodge of Worcestershire.

Clearly, RSS feeds provided by web masters of approved websites are very likely to comply with the Code of Conduct and preference will be given to these sources. However, it is not necessary for an RSS feed to originate from an approved website and all requests will be assessed on a case-by-cases basis. For further information, or to request the publication of your RSS feed, please contact the Secretary of the Worcestershire Website Standards Committee.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Worcestershire reserves the right to remove an RSS feed at any time and without notice.

RSS Feed Example

The following example shows a W3C compliant RSS feed containing two news items that would be suitable for publication on the News page of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Worcestershire website (excluding dates of publication):

<rss xmlns:atom="" version="2.0">
    <title>Royds Lodge No. 1204</title>
    <description>News and Information from the Royds Lodge No. 1204</description>
    <atom:link href="" rel="self" type="application/rss+xml"/>
      <title>News Item One Title</title>
      <description>This is the text for news item one.</description>
      <pubDate>Sun, 1 Jan 2012 00:00:00 GMT</pubDate>

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