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Worcestershire MGS vs Staffordshire MGS

Despite yet another defeat by Staffordshire, (4 and 2, only one victory over the last eight years), the annual Provincial match against Staffordshire, was held on 31st May at The Vale Golf & Country Club.

On a positive note, this was a very close affair with two matches only loosing on the 18th! However, the weather was the great, and with 18 members playing from Worcestershire, that was another good result, so not that bad over all.

Winners: David Smith (Act Capt)  and Andy Wilkinson Won 5 & 4 and Phil Lavis and Andy Horn Won 4 & 3.

Never the less, it is the partaking and the development of new friendships that is important, and what Provincial Masonic golf matches are all about.

For further info contact Secretary: W Bro Paul Battle

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