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WMCO Lottery Winners March and April 2016

The results of the Worcestershire Masonic Lottery for March and April are in!

Our Lottery has raised substantial amounts of money for a wide range of good causes; so it is a win-win situation for all involved.

Remember the prize is now raised to 20 times the player's stake! 

To enter, click on the link to the right of the Provincial home page to download a brochure.


Winning £100:

  • D. Abbott, Lodge of Peace and Goodwill 6010.
  • B. T. Brown, Lechmere Volunteer Lodge 1874.
  • A. W. Turner, Ribbesford Lodge 7696.

Winning £60:

  • Mrs I. B. Seale, via Swinford Lodge 5729.
  • C. A. Smith, Pathfinder Lodge 8596, £60


Winning £100:

  • M. W. Amey, Wenceslas Lodge 9836
  • A. Barker, Lodge of Peace and Goodwill 6010.
  • J. B. Edwards, Chaddesley Corbett Lodge 9842.
  • Mrs B. Howe via Lodge of Fellowship 6707.
  • C J Scott, Lodge of Bon Accord 4935.
  • R. M. Wilkes, Wenceslas Lodge 9836.

Winning £60:

  • J. E. Tapson, Bordesley Abbey Lodge 4495


Congratulations to the winners and good luck to all players next month!

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