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RMBI Care Home Company to Develop Land at Rainbow Hill

Outline plans for 'Assisted Living' accommodation received unanimous support at Worcester on 21 June.

On the 21st June, some 50+ Masons who meet at Worcester met to receive a presentation from the RMBI Care Home Company on a potential development on the spare land at Rainbow Hill. They were led by W.Bro. D. Southern, a trustee of the company and the Development and Deputy Development Directors. The RMBI explained that the need for care was changing as people are living longer and may need some assistance before reaching the stage of needing to go into a care home. The average age of residents in their care homes is now 90 and they normally stay for 2/3 years.

Whilst the RMBI is not abandoning care homes, they are looking into 'Assisted Living' accommodation as a way forward for the future and that the site at Rainbow Hill was ideally suited for this. It was the right size and met their geographical needs as currently they have nothing between Manchester and Exeter. The RMBI have received approval from the MCF and architects have drawn outline plans for 80 apartments, a mix of one and 2 bedrooms, at a cost of £16,500,000, excluding the cost of the land. They confirmed that whilst they were in the early stages they did hope that agreement could be reached, but stressed that that the agreement had to be right for the RMBI as well as the Building Company. The RMBI then happily answered questions, although because they were still in the early stages of discussion their answers could not be definitive. They were thanked by W.Bro. John Tapson, chairman of the Building Company, received good applause and left the meeting.

The meeting then continued with the Board confirming that they felt the RMBI was a good fit with the site and that they hoped they could reach agreement over price bur needed approval from the membership as to what they wanted and how they should proceed. Again, there were many questions and there was unanimous support from those present to both continue to negotiate with the RMBI and to ensure that market value was received on the value of the land. The Board was pleased with that outcome and promised to issue updates on progress.

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