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The Masonic Pathway for Lodge Mentors

Following a pilot study held in early 2017, which involved several Provinces including our own, the United Grand Lodge of England formally approved the Masonic Pathway on Wednesday 18th October 2017.

The Pathway describes and facilitates a Masonic journey, taking a man from his initial membership enquiry, through his initiation into Freemasonry and on to his eventual exhalation into the Royal Arch. It includes the time he spends as an Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master Mason, and as an officer of his Lodge. The Pathway represents several years of study that brings together all aspects of membership, ensuring our Lodges are able to support and guide their members on their individual Masonic journeys.

The Pathway document, which will be made available to all Freemasons, is a comprehensive membership reference guide. It is supported by a number of shorter booklets that will allow Lodges to follow the recommended steps with the minimum of fuss. At its core, the Pathway concept is very simple and will bring consistency to the way in which Lodges manage enquiries and applications for membership, and how they meet the aspirations and needs of their members.

The role of Provincial, Lodge and Personal Mentors are defined in the Pathway, and the holders of these offices and role will be pleased to note that their duties have not changed. Indeed, the Pathway re-enforces and develops our Province's approach to mentoring, taking into account prospective members and including tasks and processes often performed by Lodge Secretaries, proposers and seconders, and others. This has led to the creation of a Lodge Membership Officer role (a "role" and not an "office"!), which may be filled by a particular Lodge member (for example, in a larger Lodge), or be performed by a number of members informally, as is often the case at the moment. It is important to note that the Pathway will not lead to the creation of additional work for Lodge Secretaries and Mentors, or indeed anyone else; rather, it will provide support to those already performing essential membership functions.

Further details of the Pathway will be published in the December edition of Freemasonry Today, which will include a tri-fold leaflet explaining what the Pathway is and how it will benefit our Lodges. Following this, and the training of Provincial Mentors and Membership Officers in the New Year, information and training will be provided to all Worcestershire Lodges by the Provincial Training and Education Team, under the leadership of W.Bro. Keith Evans, Assistant Provincial Grand Master.

The recent extensive and positive press coverage of Freemasonry, generated in part by the 300th anniversary of the founding of the Grand Lodge of England and the associated Sky TV documentary, is resulting in an increased interest in membership, with many Lodges initiating candidates in October, November and December of this year. It is essential that our new members are able to benefit from the Pathway, including mentoring, which will help them to enjoy many years as active and happy Worcestershire Freemasons.

W.Bro. Mark Lodge
Provincial Grand Mentor

Lodge Mentor

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