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A few years ago a number of Masons were chatting about Lodges with a common bond, on Saturday 26 November, 2017, Lodge No.9937 was consecrated with Founders led by W Bro Patrick Firminger and 130 Brethren in attendance.

Aedificandum Lodge (Eye-difi-can-dum), No. 9937 is a Lodge for those connected with the world of building, a point not lost on the Provincial Chaplain, “…..when the PGM said, that he wanted the oration ready for today, I sucked my teeth and suggested that I could probably get part of it done in three weeks’ time since I am also working on two other orations for other Lodges.”

R. W. Bro. Robert C. Vaughan, PGM with the impressive Provincial Team which included the Provincial Choir presented a special and joyful occasion.                                                                      

W. Bro. S. J.  Wyer, PSGD, AsstPGM, Installed the Worshipful Master; who then appointed and Invested his officers who will regularly meet at St. Andrews Town Hotel, St. Andrews Drive, Droitwich, on the Second Wednesday in: February, March, April, October and November,

At the Festive Board, there were souvenir, ‘spirit level’ cuff links for every diner and the speeches contributed generously with appreciation and wit.

Few would image so many from the building industry would have been working all day on a Saturday.

See the attachment for various memories from that day.


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