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George Taylor Lodge: Bugs as Drugs or Immunotherapy for Beginners

9 July 2018 - 6:30pm

At the next regular meeting of George Taylor Lodge, a talk entitled “Bugs as Drugs or Immunotherapy for Beginners” is to be given by W.Bro.Charles Akle, PJGD.

The meeting will be held at Northfield Masonic Hall on Monday 9th July, starting at 18.30 and the talk, which will be given after a very short Lodge meeting, will be open to non-Masons.

All visitors will then be invited to join the members of the Lodge at the Festive Board.

W.Bro. Akle is a very popular and accomplished speaker and the subject of his talk, immunotherapy as an alternative treatment for cancer, has received significant press coverage in recent weeks and should prove to be of great interest to Masons and non-Masons alike.

If you are interested in attending what should prove to be a very informative and stimulating talk, please contact the Lodge Assistant Secretary W.Bro. David Craig on 07716 658276 or before Monday 2nd July.
W.Bro. Akle was a prominent London based consultant surgeon who pioneered keyhole surgery in the 1990s. More recently, he established a private biopharmaceutical company to research and develop immunotherapeutic products for the treatment of cancer, many of which have now developed into clinical trials. Since retirement, W.Bro. Akle has remained active on the research side and has set up a new company to develop a food supplement to improve baseline immunity in the general population and to look at ways of immunotherapy that are safe and available to the poorest people. He is also developing strategies for the treatment of chronic inflammatory disorders which include chronic infections such as TB and diseases such as Alzheimers, depression and stress disorders. W.Bro. Akle has been a Freemason of over 40 years standing and has served as a trustee, initially of the Grand Charity, and now of the Masonic Charitable Foundation where he chairs the Scientific Advisory committee.

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