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PGM's 2016 Welcome Brunch

I don't want to say too much about the Provincial Grand Master's Welcome Brunch, which was held on the morning of Sunday 25th November 2016 at Worcester Masonic Hall, as the Provincial Communications Officer will be publishing his own report in the next few days. However, I do want to say that it was once again a very happy and successful occasion!

I believe the photograph below sums-up the event very neatly; this picture really does speak a thousand words. New friendships, great company and much laughter.

Watch this space for details of the next event held for our newer members, their wives, partners and friends, and all our hard working mentors.

Thank you to everyone who attended and supported, and of course to my great team who made it all possible. You know who you are!

The original advert for the Provincial Grand Master's 2016 Welcome Brunch can be found by clicking here.

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