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Welcome to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Worcestershire Web Site

I’m delighted to have the opportunity to welcome you to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Worcestershire, whether you are a Freemason from this Province or from another, or a member of the general public interested to know more about Freemasonry.

The Internet now enables everyone to visit Masonic sites all over the world where hopefully they find an organisation that is vibrant, enjoys playing its part in community life and supports many national and international charitable causes. Being happy and communicating happiness is one of the Grand Designs of Masonry, and I hope that message will come over loud and clear as you browse through this site. 

Welcome to Provincial Grand Lodge of Worcestershire

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Deputy Provincial Grand Master - Update on Condition

Stuart remains in Telford Hospital and his planned move to Oswestry has been held up by slight complications to do with, firstly his kidney function, which is now solved, and latterly some breathing difficulties, which are being treated, but mean that he is unable to speak because he has a ventilator connected, which helps him...

For the Sake of Example - WIML 6889

10 May 2014 - 2:30pm

The next regular meeting of the Installed Masters' Lodge No 6889 is to be held at Moseley Masonic Hall, Kings Heath

WBro John Welch PProvJGW,  will give a talk entitled:-

“For the Sake of Example

The story of those who were shot at Dawn In the 1st World War and to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the...

W Bro Leslie Horgan - Grand Lodge above.

We are sad to announce the recent death of W Bro Leslie Horgan, Leslie was the oldest Masonint he Province and one of the oldest in the English Constitution. He will be sadly missed.

Below is a short biography prepared in preparation fora Worcester Source article some time ago.

Born in Pimlico, West...

Masonic Library & Museum Group Meeting - Saturday 29th March 2014

The Worcestershire Museum of Freemasonry hosted a meeting of the Masonic Library & Museum Group at Rainbow Hill, Worcester on Saturday 29th March. The group mainly comprises representatives from masonic museums around the country but also includes others interested in masonic artefacts. The Group’s aim is to promote  and support masonic museums and to...

Charity Motorcycle ride around the UK for the Lifelites charity

Tiger on the loose

3 June 2014 - 10:00am

Worshipful Brother Bryan Phillips PPrSGD is riding his Triumph Tiger Motorcycle Anti clockwise around the UK to raise charity donations for the Lifelites charity.



You can help Bryan by donating through:  



The route starts from Holllywood in Birmingham and passing through:

Worcester           Middlesbrough                      Oban                    Tewkesbury

Bristol                 ...

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